Private Medical Records are Private

Years ago when I first started my blog and page, I wrote mostly about my life in general as well as chronic and invisible illnesses and how that affects my parenting style. At the time I already had a very long list of various physical and mental health diagnoses, and more diagnoses have come since… Continue reading Private Medical Records are Private


Dig Deeper than the T-Shirt Design

Alright folks gather 'round and listen to a cautionary t-shirt tale from your nunkie Vee.It's late March 2022. Autistics everywhere are already burnt out and "autism bewareness month" hasn't even begun. The group Autism Inclusivity is dodging harmful posts left and right thanks to the valiant efforts of the admin team. In the pending queue… Continue reading Dig Deeper than the T-Shirt Design

How I Saw ‘As We See It’ – Autistic Perspective

This show has given me A LOT of feels. There's so much to process, but I'm going to try to find the right words. I'm trying not to give too many spoilers, because I actually do recommend people watch this series. I'm going to start by saying that finally having accurate, AUTHENTIC Autistic representation on… Continue reading How I Saw ‘As We See It’ – Autistic Perspective

"I support the autism community"Awesome! So you listen to #ActuallyAutistic adults?"Heck no! They must be silenced!"So you want to #BanAllABA?"No way, that's the best thing for autism!"So how do you show support?"WE MUST ERADICATE AUTISM!"

Facebook Isn’t Protecting Marginalized Communities

Here's how it usually goes. Autistic advocate posts about something important to them as an advocate or that affects the Autistic Community as a whole. This is social media advocacy, getting the voice of the community out there when others who are not even Autistic have held the narrative about autism for decades. Non-Autistics who… Continue reading Facebook Isn’t Protecting Marginalized Communities

From a Group Discussion About “Dropping the Disorder”

I was thinking about the language we use and what people have been saying about either dropping the "disorder", changing it to something else, or somehow reclaiming/embracing a positive spin on the word.So for me when I read Autism Spectrum Disorder my brain locks onto "disorder" and goes on repeat. If I'm having a good… Continue reading From a Group Discussion About “Dropping the Disorder”

Thoughts on Cluster B Stigma from an Abuse Survivor

We've got to talk, y'all. There's a real problem in our society when it comes to Cluster B diagnoses but before I dig deeper into that, what is Cluster B? Cluster B is a broad term that encompasses several diagnoses. Most commonly known (and misunderstood) are Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD),… Continue reading Thoughts on Cluster B Stigma from an Abuse Survivor