Facebook Isn’t Protecting Marginalized Communities

Here's how it usually goes. Autistic advocate posts about something important to them as an advocate or that affects the Autistic Community as a whole. This is social media advocacy, getting the voice of the community out there when others who are not even Autistic have held the narrative about autism for decades. Non-Autistics who… Continue reading Facebook Isn’t Protecting Marginalized Communities

From a Group Discussion About “Dropping the Disorder”

I was thinking about the language we use and what people have been saying about either dropping the "disorder", changing it to something else, or somehow reclaiming/embracing a positive spin on the word.So for me when I read Autism Spectrum Disorder my brain locks onto "disorder" and goes on repeat. If I'm having a good… Continue reading From a Group Discussion About “Dropping the Disorder”

Thoughts on Cluster B Stigma from an Abuse Survivor

We've got to talk, y'all. There's a real problem in our society when it comes to Cluster B diagnoses but before I dig deeper into that, what is Cluster B? Cluster B is a broad term that encompasses several diagnoses. Most commonly known (and misunderstood) are Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD),… Continue reading Thoughts on Cluster B Stigma from an Abuse Survivor