‘Tis the F*cking Season

I know I'll probably get an inbox full of ever-so-politely worded feedback over this but I have to say it: I HATE CHRISTMAS. Not just the massive sensory overload, although there definitely is that, and loads of it. But there's also decades of various trauma surrounding this time of year. As a child who was… Continue reading ‘Tis the F*cking Season

"I support the autism community"Awesome! So you listen to #ActuallyAutistic adults?"Heck no! They must be silenced!"So you want to #BanAllABA?"No way, that's the best thing for autism!"So how do you show support?"WE MUST ERADICATE AUTISM!"

Facebook Isn’t Protecting Marginalized Communities

Here's how it usually goes. Autistic advocate posts about something important to them as an advocate or that affects the Autistic Community as a whole. This is social media advocacy, getting the voice of the community out there when others who are not even Autistic have held the narrative about autism for decades. Non-Autistics who… Continue reading Facebook Isn’t Protecting Marginalized Communities

From a Group Discussion About “Dropping the Disorder”

I was thinking about the language we use and what people have been saying about either dropping the "disorder", changing it to something else, or somehow reclaiming/embracing a positive spin on the word.So for me when I read Autism Spectrum Disorder my brain locks onto "disorder" and goes on repeat. If I'm having a good… Continue reading From a Group Discussion About “Dropping the Disorder”

Thoughts on Cluster B Stigma from an Abuse Survivor

We've got to talk, y'all. There's a real problem in our society when it comes to Cluster B diagnoses but before I dig deeper into that, what is Cluster B? Cluster B is a broad term that encompasses several diagnoses. Most commonly known (and misunderstood) are Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD),… Continue reading Thoughts on Cluster B Stigma from an Abuse Survivor