The “Joys” of Autistic Advocacy pt. 3

“Fuck u and ur group”

“Straight up all u weird ass people and shit”

“Your mama dropped ur drums Bitch ass in the head hoe”

“Fuck u mute me delete me ur trash and so are all those weird fucking trump supporting ass bitches”

“Ur Mama is a bitch and so is ur daddy”


“Fuck u and that Waco ass group made a lil group for some power guess what u have non autistic or not”

Seven messages to my inbox. Technically the “others” folder where random dick pics usually pop up.

Just as spammy. Just as disgusting.

Why do people think this is ok? This person claimed in their profile that they’re a Certified Nursing Assistant and Direct Care provider with two assisted living companies, and they think it’s ok to talk to a disabled Autistic advocate like this.

What would those employers think about it, I wonder?

Or the state licensing board that granted their certificate?


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