Open Letter to Movie Theaters Screening the Film ‘Music’

To whom it may concern:

Your theater is set to premiere or is currently showing the movie Music, written and directed by Sia Furler. In this film the title character is an Autistic young woman who is non-speaking, which would have been a great opportunity for the Autistic Community to get some accurate representation in film. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

Much of the Autistic Self-Advocacy Community and the Disabled Community at large has spoken out about the problematic way in which this film has been produced and promoted, but have found little support outside of our own communities. Autistic and Disabled advocates need your help.

Attached you’ll find a disclaimer composed by a collaboration of Autistic Advocates. We are asking any and all theaters that are screening this film to prominently display this message at each point of sale where tickets will be sold, both online and on site, as well as display it on screen before the movie starts, with ample time for patrons to read it.

This film is supposed to represent a community that wasn’t even consulted on the project. The script was not written by a member of the community. It wasn’t directed by a member of the community, the actors are not members of the community, either. When members of the community spoke out, they were mocked, ridiculed, cussed at, and had harmful stereotypes perpetuated against them in order to silence and discredit them, tweeted by the writer/director herself.

Our voices have been ignored so far, and we’re hoping that our luck changes with you. Please make this statement visible to your patrons. Please let our voices finally be heard.

Thank you.

The Autistic Community wants viewers of this film to be aware that it’s impossible to represent the rich diversity of the autism spectrum in a single character or film, even when great care is taken to ensure accuracy and authenticity. The character by the name of Music was created by a non-Autistic writer/director and played by a non-Autistic actor, and as a result is not considered an authentic or accurate representation by much of the Community. NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US!


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