AIM Higher Than Autism Speaks

A lot of my readers know that like much of the Autistic Community, I loathe Autism Speaks. From their long since buried but never forgotten “I Am Autism” video to their disgustingly ableist “Mssng” campaign, to the money trail that leads almost anywhere *but* actually helping Autistics and their families, to their push for a cure that would mean the elimination of Autistic people, they’ve been classified as a hate group by much of the Autistic Community. (Not to be confused with the Autism Community, but that’s another post entirely.)

It could be said that Autism Speaks has set the bar for Autistic individuals quite low. If a person were to actually believe all of the horrible things they’ve got to say about us, it’s easy to lose all hope of a happy future. That “100-day Kit” they peddle is scarier than most Stephen King novels, and almost as long!

Autistics deserve better advocacy. We need to aim higher.

Join me, Autistic Inclusive Meets, USA and the original Autistic Inclusive Meets UK this April, as we protest the inaccurate and harmful way that Autism Speaks portrays us. We don’t want their kind of “awareness” and we don’t need it. Awareness means nothing without acceptance and its clear they do not accept Autistic individuals as equal humans. We need access to accommodations and supports instead of being demonized in the name of awareness so they can raise more money and use it to speak over us some more.

Autism Speaks does NOT speak for me.

Join us on social media, follow this facebook event to keep up with the latest details. Use the hashtags #AIMHigherThanAutismSpeaks #WeSeeYouPaul #HaltAutismSpeaks and #BoycottAutismSpeaks


1 thought on “AIM Higher Than Autism Speaks”

  1. Auti$m $peaks has been consistently harming Autistics en masse, for 16 years. Ride the tags and be seen y’all – Strength in numbers!!! P.S. – I wrote a song about them!


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