2021 “Autism Awareness Game”

It isn’t fun this year. It wasn’t fun last year. It wasn’t fun the year before that. It certainly wasn’t fun when they tried to do it for Breast Cancer Awareness either.

If you’re not aware of this ridiculous “game” here’s how it goes.

A friend of yours makes an obscure or odd/funny post. You react or comment. All of a sudden you get a private message that reads:

“You shouldn’t have liked or commented on my last status hahaha. Now you have to pick from one of the below and post it as your status. This is the 2021 Autism Awareness game. Don’t be a spoil sport. Pick your poison from one of these and post it as your status.

  1. Just found a squirrel in my car!
  2. Just used my kids to get out of a speeding ticket.
  3. How do you get rid of foot fungus?
  4. All of my bras are missing!
  5. I think I just accepted a marriage proposal online?!
  6. I’ve decided to stop wearing underwear.
  7. It’s confirmed I’m going to be a mommy/daddy.
  8. Just won a chance audition on America’s got talent!
  9. I’ve been accepted on master chef.
  10. I’m getting a pet monkey!
  11. I just peed myself!
  12. Really thinking about getting butt implants!
  13. Just won 700 on a scratcher!
  14. We’re moving to Vermont at the end of the year!
  15. Mayonnaise on Reese’s peanut butter cups is sooo good!
  16. I’ve just been accepted on come dine with me whoop whoop.
    Post with no explanations. Sorry, I fell for it too. Looking forward to your post. Ahhh don’t ruin it. (Don’t let the secret out). And remember it’s all for the 2021 Autism Awareness. Have fun! X”

This isn’t fun. It isn’t cute. And it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for Autistic people.



3 thoughts on “2021 “Autism Awareness Game””

  1. How do you feel about a parent who creates a Twitter account to stalk another parent of an autistic , because she doesn’t agree with her ?
    One who provides an email address to solicit harassment upon this person?
    Would you say that is criminal activity?
    The police do…
    I’m wondering what your opinion of all this online stalking and harassing nonsense is, since it seems to be so prevalent these days.
    Thank goodness most social media platforms take this seriously.
    I know I’ve been the recent target of harassment lately, and it’s nice to know that so many people are on my side, both other advocates, and officials.
    Wouldn’t it be nice though, if everyone just kept it at a level of maturity that they would hope their kids would one day aspire to ..?
    I guess some people are just so darned jealous of others, they can’t help but make fake accounts to harass other people with, like the Connie Manning exposed account…. right….?
    Such childish antics from grown adults.
    I’m sure that being an advocate yourself, you MUST find this behaviour appalling … ☺️


    1. Why yes I actually do find *your* behavior quite appalling. There’s screenshots of you doing all of those things so I’m actually a little shook that you finally admitted to them. In public, no less.

      Interesting that you claim you’re being harassed when here you are, on my website, on my post from MONTHS AGO, that has absolutely nothing to do with you. How in your mind is this you be harassed here and not me?

      I’m glad you’re taking the first step towards getting yourself some help, hun. Admitting to your actions and behaviors is HUGE. Great job. I look forward to your making amends stage.


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