This is NOT Awareness!

(And We Want Acceptance, Anyway) Apparently this "game" is making the rounds again. I've seen it circulated as "awareness" for a handful of unrelated causes over the years, and this year it's for "Autism Awareness" again, so I find myself explaining how this does absolutely zero to help Autistics and our families. Again. Here's a… Continue reading This is NOT Awareness!

We See You Sia

The following is a video made by "The Classy Aspie" concerning her viewpoint on Sia's new movie and the controversy surrounding it, and a transcript provided by an anonymous user. Responses/corrections have been inserted between spacers, typed in italics. Capture of a YouTube video by user RitaThePearl (aka The Classy Aspie, a Facebook page which… Continue reading We See You Sia

Let’s Talk Inspiration Porn

Again? Yes again. And again and again until it stops happening. A collection of stock photos found using the search term "disabled" "These people are active and successful, what's your excuse?"- Generic Inspiration Porn According to Wikipedia, "inspiration porn is the portrayal of people with disabilities as inspirational solely or in part on the basis… Continue reading Let’s Talk Inspiration Porn

To the Emergency Room Doctor Who Dismissed Me As A Drug User

I understand. I do. You doctors are under a lot of pressure these days about your opioid prescriptions. It’s been all over the headlines lately. I also understand that in the emergency department you see a large proportion of people coming in for a quick fix and a scrip for 24 5/500 to take home. I… Continue reading To the Emergency Room Doctor Who Dismissed Me As A Drug User