This is NOT Awareness!

(And We Want Acceptance, Anyway) Apparently this "game" is making the rounds again. I've seen it circulated as "awareness" for a handful of unrelated causes over the years, and this year it's for "Autism Awareness" again, so I find myself explaining how this does absolutely zero to help Autistics and our families. Again. Here's a… Continue reading This is NOT Awareness!

We See You Sia

The following is a video made by "The Classy Aspie" concerning her viewpoint on Sia's new movie and the controversy surrounding it, and a transcript provided by an anonymous user. Responses/corrections have been inserted between spacers, typed in italics. Capture of a YouTube video by user RitaThePearl (aka The Classy Aspie, a Facebook page which… Continue reading We See You Sia

To the Emergency Room Doctor Who Dismissed Me As A Drug User

I understand. I do. You doctors are under a lot of pressure these days about your opioid prescriptions. It’s been all over the headlines lately. I also understand that in the emergency department you see a large proportion of people coming in for a quick fix and a scrip for 24 5/500 to take home. I… Continue reading To the Emergency Room Doctor Who Dismissed Me As A Drug User

A Poetic Response to Senator Toomey

A burned down house. The desecrated remains of a life, charred and broken standing silent in the night, soaked in the tears of lost memories. A burned down house once filled with love and bursting laughter, Unbridled joy and hope reduced to an empty shell. A burned down house. Remnants of strength and safety of… Continue reading A Poetic Response to Senator Toomey