Open Letter to Movie Theaters Screening the Film ‘Music’

To whom it may concern: Your theater is set to premiere or is currently showing the movie Music, written and directed by Sia Furler. In this film the title character is an Autistic young woman who is non-speaking, which would have been a great opportunity for the Autistic Community to get some accurate representation in… Continue reading Open Letter to Movie Theaters Screening the Film ‘Music’

‘Twas the Night Before… YIKES!

This one has been floating around the interwebs for quite a while now, but since it's that time of year, it's making its rounds again. I really wish it would stop. Autism Night Before Christmas written in 2008 by Cindy Waeltermann, founder of the organization¬†Autism Link. (My commentary in bold.) Twas the Night Before ChristmasAnd… Continue reading ‘Twas the Night Before… YIKES!