Here’s a Controversial Opinion For Ya

Now I don't mean let's stop acknowledging that Autistic people exist, so don't blow up my inbox because you misunderstand me. I mean stop diagnosing us. Hear me out.

Let’s Talk Inspiration Porn

Again? Yes again. And again and again until it stops happening. A collection of stock photos found using the search term "disabled" "These people are active and successful, what's your excuse?"- Generic Inspiration Porn According to Wikipedia, "inspiration porn is the portrayal of people with disabilities as inspirational solely or in part on the basis… Continue reading Let’s Talk Inspiration Porn

To the Emergency Room Doctor Who Dismissed Me As A Drug User

I understand. I do. You doctors are under a lot of pressure these days about your opioid prescriptions. It’s been all over the headlines lately. I also understand that in the emergency department you see a large proportion of people coming in for a quick fix and a scrip for 24 5/500 to take home. I… Continue reading To the Emergency Room Doctor Who Dismissed Me As A Drug User

A Poetic Response to Senator Toomey

A burned down house. The desecrated remains of a life, charred and broken standing silent in the night, soaked in the tears of lost memories. A burned down house once filled with love and bursting laughter, Unbridled joy and hope reduced to an empty shell. A burned down house. Remnants of strength and safety of… Continue reading A Poetic Response to Senator Toomey

To my children, when chronic illness gets the best of me:

I want you to know that I love you more than anything, and you mean the world to me. I'm sorry that I have all of these health issues that don't go away. I wish every day that I could get better, because I know it's very hard for you to understand sometimes. When I… Continue reading To my children, when chronic illness gets the best of me: